Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Moldova's New Prime Minister: What to Expect?

After a seven-year-long disappointment with the leadership of Moldova's government - provided by the most-longevive Prime Minister, Mr. Tarlev - I can finally indulge in some optimism. The reason for such optimism is Moldova's new Prime Minister, Mrs. Zinaida Greceanii and her handpicked Cabinet of Ministers. Beside being a woman and bearing a physical resemblance to Margaret Thatcher , there are several important features that, in my view, distinguish her from the former PM and might make a difference in the way this country is governed.

- she is an experienced bureacrat;
- is politically-unaffiliated, at least officially;
- is a better speaker.

For now, that's about it. I am willing to give her and her team credit and even nurture a set of 'great expectations'. My expectations regard ANYBODY who becomes a Prime Minister in Moldova and since Mrs. Greceanii accepted this job, I will therefore make a (wish)list against which I will evaluate her performance until the end of her mandate. I expect my Prime Minister to:

- put public interest higher than her own and others' personal interests;
- take her job seriously (at least half as serious as Mrs. Thatcher);
- offer positive and demanding leadership;
- advocate for sustainable democratic institutions;
- communicate effectively with the public directly or via mass-media;
- be open to innovative ideas and proven best practices.

How difficult can it really be to fulfill these basic expections in a small country like Moldova?

P.S. Just noticed that Sandu Culiuc requested my opinion regarding Greceanii Government's priorities. I am not going to come up with anything new since a lot of analytical work has been already done for various other purposes (MCC Threshold Plan, National Development Strategy, various evaluations of EU-Moldova Action Plan, etc.) Greceanii Government's program reflects most of these priorities and is ambitious enough. So, all I will say now is that Greceanii's Government has a full plate and they better start working hard to prove there is political will for real reforms. The countdown against the 2009 parliamentary elections has begun :)


Tom , April 02, 2008  

I don't know much about her, but if she's half as great as Maggie, Moldova will do well. I hope so.

Anonymous , April 05, 2008  

being non affiliated to the comunists leaves her the possibility of safely continuing the political career in case the comunists loose the upcomming elections.

Anonymous , June 09, 2008  

I enjoy reading this blog but its not written as frequently as it used to be.

Is Zinaida Greceanii not a communist?

I look forward to you telling us how she gets on with her new job...


Anonymous , June 24, 2008  

just like david, i enjoy reading your blog. it is through this that i learn more about your country and europe in general.