Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Moldovan Non-Profit Sector in Perspective

Am traveling to Belgrade, Serbia this week on a project that aims to develop a tool for assessing institutional and organizational capacities of non-profit organizations - or the non-governmental organizations - in the Western Balkans region. After first testing this tool among Serbian non-profits, the Serbian counterpart, ProConcept selected Moldova to test, and adjust this tool called INGOC . My first impression is that the Serbian non-profit sector is quite developed, having a strong influence on policy making and being an important counterpart in social service provision, despite significant distrust and negative image among the government institutions and people - an unfortunate consequence of the recent political history.

Belgrade is a nice and very green city. The landscape highlight is the meeting of two rivers - the Danube and Sava, which is best admired from the medieval fortress of Beograde. Here are my favorite pictures.